About Us


Photo top left: Scott and Lori McClellan, Florida, December 2023

Photo top right: Scott, northeastern Afghanistan, November 2006


Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it. In 2019, I was medically retired by the Department of Veteran Affairs due to PTSD. To keep myself busy, I started learning graphic design and apparel decoration as a hobby. I found it fulfilling to create something tangible from just a thought. Soon, family and friends were asking me to help bring their ideas to life. Seeing people's smiles when they received my creations also had a positive impact on my mental health. So I decided to start my own business.

In September 2019, I founded American Ink & Design Ltd. We started with a few online options for t-shirts and etched glass. These options are still available on our website. We also offer a range of services for local clients and businesses. We regularly update our designs, so make sure to check back frequently. You might find something you like or the perfect gift for someone special.

If you're an organization or business in need of branded items, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. At American Ink & Design Ltd., we bring your ideas to life!

Thank you again for choosing our services.


Scott McClellan